Why the name Orchard Lane?



Orchard Lane is a real place. It is a little street in a small village on the east coast of England. My grandmother lived on Orchard Lane, in a two-bedroom bungalow with a willow tree in the back garden and red rose bushes in the front. Visits were full of family, fun and new experiences. It's been many years since my last visit to Orchard Lane, but to this day certain sights and scents take me right back to summers at Nanny Cooper's home.

So what does this have to do with flowers for your event? Life is all about making memories. Fleeting moments today become precious memories in our future. Does the fragrance of  a specific flower transport you to childhood summers? Does the sight of a certain flower always make you think of your grandmother? Do you recall favourite flowers growing in your back garden?

Don't these recollections put a smile on your face? Let's take your flower memories and weave them into your event, creating a bond between your past, present and future.

Orchard Lane gave me so many wonderful memories, and now I'm using Orchard Lane Floral Design to enhance the meaningful events in your life to create new memories that will last a lifetime.